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Hiii! I’m Lauren Reid, an ego-less, small town, hippy-at-heart, tomboy who likes girly things, kinda girl. Most days you can find me wearing little to no makeup (ironic, right?).

I’m a business girl. I graduated with honors from W.P.Carey School of Business at Arizona State University with my B.S. in Marketing. Straight from that I went to makeup school where I trained to become a certified makeup artist.

I have over 7 years experience doing makeup and making people look fresh and camera ready. I started my career in Phoenix, AZ and have since had the pleasure of working in California, New York, Texas, Nevada, Mexico, and several other really cool destinations my clients have sent me. My experience ranges from working on commercial sets to corporate events/materials to private client accommodations. I am all about hygiene, professionalism, a good attitude, team work, and working really hard!

I am mostly known for radiant skin, my natural approach to makeup, and my ability to be present, listen (and deliver) what my clients ask for, and last but not least, for paying attention to details (you know, like all of those little things that can totally be caught during production instead of having to fix in post).

People often refer to me as a non-intimidating dose of calm, a very talented jack of all trades, and a #ladyboss.

I love serving the world by making people feel really good about the beautiful humans they are because we all deserve to feel (and look) amazing. Whether someone is in my chair, working on the same set, or just generally in my presence, I want them to feel good.

The things I am most passionate about in life are all of the cute all of them. If I didn’t travel for work and had a huge chunk of land, I would probably save them all (or at least as many would fit)! I am also passionate about being authentic, being grateful, and showing up the best way you can in life. This includes working hard at every job I am hired for. It truly makes me happy when I am being helpful and I majorly dislike being at rest when there is work to be done, even if it’s not a “makeup artist’s role”.

I work with people who need makeup. I mean, let’s keep it real (haha). On the production side of makeup artist life, I am most often hired for commercial and corporate gigs, whether print, video, or live broadcast. On the private client side, I am most often hired for daily appearances, special occasions, and social media productions.

I am lucky enough to have worked with a number of different clients, all who seem to share a common affinity toward the importance of professional, quality work in a timely manner.

As a professional makeup artist I have had the pleasure of having my work appear on a wide range of networks/publications/ads/commercials including but not limited to Subway, Disney Channel, Extra TV, ABC15, Hallmark Channel, Mary Kay, LifeFactory, Women’s Health, Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness HERS,, FHM, Playboy, and Swimsuit Illustrated. You can check out my client list for photographers, talent, designers, and more!

When I am not busy working on set you can catch me with a face mask on. I will most likely be on the computer catching up on the admin duties that come along with being an entrepreneur or teaching one of my online college entrepreneurship classes. If those are tended to, you can find me playing with my dog, swimming in the ocean or walking in the woods (depending on what state I am in!), reading a great book (and likely taking notes), or planning my next getaway.  

If you’re dying to hear more, here are a few things you might not know about me:

  1. A hobby of mine is looking at homes for sale. But no, I am not a homeowner. (Please keep me off Pinterest because I might never have enough homes for all of my home inspo.)

  2. I am SO scared of sharks, heights, and falling in a plane crash. (Can you imagine if I fell from the sky into the middle of the ocean in a feeding pot of sharks?! Holy anxiety.)  

  3. I am addicted to Diet Pepsi, though over the past few years I limit myself to one a day. (And yes, I am brand loyal.)  

  4. Did someone say Cinnamon Roll with cream cheese frosting? Because if they did, I’m there. (The gooier the better to be honest!)

  5. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with my B.S. in Marketing from ASU and I will forever be a student of life. (Did I mention I loooove learning?)

  6. I grew up in the woods with no cable so I played make-believe a lot -- like daily. I always: played typing games (and I still type extremely fast even if I don’t use all of the right fingers), played dress up (and now I work on sets where we still get to play dress up!), played pretend teacher (and now I teach online classes), and played with my outdoor cat (and even though she’s in kitty heaven, my love for all animals lives on).


Best of the best - ridiculously punctual and always proves that she’s a makeup wizard, time and time again!
- Ashley B., Private Client

“Lauren is committed, creative, always shows up early and goes above and beyond!”
- Lindsey Jurca, Producer

"Lauren Reid is exactly the type of person that I want on my team. In addition to being very skilled as a makeup artist, she brings other creative ideas and talents that always enhance the project. Her ability as a makeup artist is unsurpassed; she has a great critical eye for detail and knows the little tweaks needed for the desired results. I am very happy to recommend Lauren as a makeup artist and a strong collaborator on any creative team."
- Brad Olson, Photographer

"Lauren Reid is an absolute favorite! She's professional and just at the top of her game. Not only is she stellar at giving you anything you ask of her but she's also very knowledgeable on trends for different seasons and in regards to fashion it's extremely important to understand just that. I would highly recommend hiring her for any engagement you may need her for. She's worth it!"
- Jim Hesterman, Photographer

"I'd seen countless photographers & models who I know work with Lauren over the years. I knew that meant she was talented, professional and reliable and that was very evident when I called her for a gig. We were filming at a large studio for a set of TV commercials I was producing. Lauren was happy & high-energy and was also very helpful in selecting some of the wardrobe for the talent. I'd hire Lauren any day of the week with either a client's money or my own. She has the energy, personality, quality and experience that can ultimately be the difference between a bad shoot and a fantastic shoot, and I personally prefer fantastic shoots."
- Mark Susan, Photographer

"I've had the pleasure of working with Lauren on a few occasions and I highly recommend her to anyone that is in need of a professional makeup artist.  Not only is she a joy to be around, but she is punctual, professional and efficient.  Lauren has the ability to truly listen to the needs of her client and fulfill any type of look they are trying to achieve.  From makeup to hair, whether its dramatic or soft and natural, she can do it all an do it well.  I look forward to each opportunity to work with her as she is a genuinely sweet person and a talented makeup artist." 
- Tiffany Gaston, Private Client

"I am very picky about my makeup being done as I have gone thru a lot of makeup artists who had no idea what they were doing. It was very disappointing. When I saw your work, I knew immediately I wanted to work with you and see if we would be a good fit, as once I find someone who does amazing, I continue to only use them and be a customer for life. Whether that be for hair, spray tanning, nails or makeup. The first time I met you - you gave me a hug  You were super professional and sweet, and VERY easy to get along with. You applied my makeup EXACTLY how I imagined it and better than I had hoped for. Your makeup skills are beyond what I ever expected and I Love working with you! You’re my makeup artist for life. I will continue to book you - thank you so much for being amazing!"
- Nicole Randall, Private Client/Actress

"What is there to say about someone who is the perfect description of what a makeup artist should be. I have only known Lauren for 6 months but in that short time I have seen her make women who are already beaming in beauty more lovely and makes those she works next to never want to leave because she radiates such joy! I adore this woman with all my heart and her talent is amazing. Whoever reads this would be a fool to not hire this wonderful woman. Lauren I wish you the best of luck in your new en devours and I hope to continue to work beside you as long as I am in this industry."
- Danielle Ferguson, Hairstylist

"It's been my distinct pleasure to work with Lauren Reid on a number of my published projects. Lauren is incredibly talented and works with each person on an individual level to create exactly the look they or the client desires. She is highly dependable, reliable, personable and creative. In addition, she is excellent at listening to those with whom she works to ensure a successful collaboration. I highly recommend Lauren to an individual wanting a qualified and capable hair and make-up artist."
-Kimberly Miller, Private Client/Actress/Model

“Lauren is the best in the business. From the second I met her she made me feel beautiful! Not only is she an extremely talented artist, she is a wonderful human being whom I’ve created a friendship with. I’ve now hired her four times and I will continue to do so! She listens to what you want and creates the look you’ve dreamed of. 10/10!!!”
- Jordan Rodrigues, Private Client

“Lauren is an incredible makeup artist and I highly recommend her for any special event or photoshoot. She has worked her magic on me for fitness photo shoots and I’m always impressed. She is my go to and always makes me feel and look my best.”
- Angie Gunner, Fitness Model

“Quite the makeup GENIUS!!! Had the pleasure of being her canvas in 2013 and I’ve never been the same since. I can’t help but to compare every MUA to her and nobody could possibly match her expertise!!! Love this gal!”
- Erin Gray, Private Client